Journal title Edutechno: Education Technology Journal
Initials Edutecno
Frequency 2 2 issues per year
Online ISSN xxxx-xxxx
Editor In Chief Dedy Aswan M.Pd.
Managing Editor Sella Mawarni, M.Pd.
Publisher PT Ininnawa Paramacitra Edukasi
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Edutecno: Educational Technology Journal, published by PT Ininnawa Paramacitra Edukasi, stands as an academic publication, uniting researchers, scholars, and practitioners in Educational Technology, Curriculum, and Learning. This journal extensively explores educational technology, encompassing instructional media, online learning, instructional design, communication, and related fields, making it a pivotal platform for exchanging groundbreaking ideas, cutting-edge research findings, and practical implementations.

Within its pages, Edutecno delves into the forefront of instructional technology, providing in-depth analyses of online learning methodologies and the strategic use of digital tools in education. The journal emphasizes the meticulous design and implementation of instructional media, spanning various formats such as digital learning applications, instructional videos, and interactive simulations. Moreover, Edutecno critically examines communication strategies in education, addressing online communication platforms between educators and students, as well as the seamless integration of social media and digital collaboration tools within both formal and informal educational context